Yakuza Elvis Dance Party

We saw the Japanese Elvises this Sunday at Yoyogi. They dance all over Tokyo, and apparently the large tattoos are a good indication they’re Yakuza — Japan’s equivalent of the mafia.

One of ’em sure likes to start trouble. Check it out.

Stay tuned for hilarious video of the Japanese pop lip-synchers who performed for our Hanami party.

11 thoughts on “Yakuza Elvis Dance Party”

  1. This clip comes from the BBC series Japanorama. The episode is focuses on Zoku, or “tribe” subcultures. There are all kinds of tribes, but they are usually unified by a similar style of dress or appearance.

    The dancers in this footage are most likely members of the rokabiri-zoku (Rockabilly tribe) NOT the Yakuza.


  2. What I MEANT to say, is that there is a segment on Japanorama with very similar footage which explains what is going on.

  3. Thanks for the link, Aaron. What do you think of that one guy’s tats?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they get together for rockabilly, pretty likely at least one is Yakuza.

  4. Funny stuff, the whole youth yakuza subculture is an interesting subject

    The book “Speed Tribes: Days and Night’s with Japan’s Next Generation” by Karl Taro Greenfeld is probably on of the best books on it

  5. Hi there, grandson Ty

    Only wish I wasn’t limited to dial-up as it is taking forever for those Rockiabilly dancers to finish!

    Did you meet up w/ a WA uncle?

  6. Please tell me you got an interview with one of these guys. This would be a great pod for current TV (current.com)

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