Sex Tourists Are Not Welcome

The Atlanta Hotel in Bangkok is within walking distance of the tailor district, the Siam Paragon, and Lumpini Park. It’s also right next two of the three red light districts of Bangkok.

When the owner’s son took over, he decided to make it “Bangkok’s Bastion of Healthy Tourism.” The guy must have had some pretty traumatic sexual experiences.. he clearly has a complex.

Staying there, you’re also constantly reminded that the hotel won’t entertain complaints since it’s a “budget” hotel.

They do have an awesome pool area (first swimming pool in Thailand), a good vegetarian restaurant, and easy access to the Skytrain. It was apparently the finest hotel in Bangkok in its heyday in the ’60s. Recommended.

10 thoughts on “Sex Tourists Are Not Welcome”

  1. I really like you guys, but you really, really, REALLY, don’t get or appreciate the Atlanta or its history.. if this is all you have to say about it.

  2. CLR, feel free to set the record straight. The Atlanta is a cool place with a rich history, but the attitude is by far its most unusual feature to someone coming in off the street.

    I should also mention the staff there are unbelievably friendly and casual despite the harsh warning sign. 🙂

    Those interested can

  3. Is this place more or less money than a place that lets the folks party? You might not be able to screw, but I bet you can actually sleep in a clean bed and not have to worry about getting accosted in the hallways. Plus, the last time I checked, people that own things can do what they wish with them…unless you’re in the US and want to have a cigarette in a private drinking establishment or restaurant.
    Like the man said, If you don’t like my policies, there are plenty of other places to stay.

  4. LOL Magnus. Isn’t that what we all really are. Sex tourists in the country of life. I mean really, if it weren’t for sex, there wouldn’t be any sex tourists. Ouch. That was so deep I hurt myself. No pun intended.

  5. at least the hotel allows its guests to read the book titled:

    “hello my big big honey!”
    love letters to bangkok bar girls & their revealing interviews

    …while basking in the tropical ambiance

  6. Don’t really understand why this is so surprising. The exploitative sex industry is on fire in Bangkok, quite obviously, and many people both Thai and foreigner alike don’t want to be a part of it. I’ve stayed in a few cheap places in Bangkok and all of them had such rules.

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