People do the strangest things

We were in Yoyogi Park for the Hanami celebration. Then this happened.

Catch the killer move at 1:04?

These two girls and their very feminine wizard call themselves Bercume, after the all-girl J-pop group they emulate, Perfume. But all they do is dance and lip-sync with ice cream cone microphones?

I got a huge kick out of it, but I don’t really get it. Then again, if I was this dude, getting out of the secret hideout and dancing with my girls would probably be the best thing I had going.

What do you think’s in it for the girls?

7 thoughts on “People do the strangest things”

  1. Wow! This trio is very well choreographed. Did you say that they showed up and began to dance? Though surely it was all planned. Japan’s culture is fascinating!!

  2. hahahahaha very funny .. and ummm the girls are very cutee .. i think they are trying to be a~chan and nocchi .. very cute and the guy with the “killer move” pretty wierd but oh well ?

    hahaha i thought this was cool .

  3. Omg, I looove Perfume!! xD (The group they’re imitating) the guy just kills me xD really funny, but I admire he’s guts =D it’s really cool seeing fans doing this stuff, it seems so fuun =D

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