10/GUI Demo Video More Impressive Than the Tech

10/GUI doesn’t seem like much of a deviation from the current trend in OS design, but I found myself watching the demo video long after I was interested because it’s so well-executed. The information is presented clearly and concisely with the perfect balance of text and illustration.

Still wasn’t enough to keep me watching until the end, but it’s a great example.

(via Ignore the Code)

2 thoughts on “10/GUI Demo Video More Impressive Than the Tech”

  1. It’s a fundamentally thin idea — not to mention pure vapor — and makes some broad assumptions about workflow that are needlessly restrictive. (What if you want more than 1 or 2 apps in focus? What if you’ve got multiple monitors? What if you don’t have an extra 6 inches of desk space in front of your computer? Or haven’t got a desk at all?)

    That said, I watched through to the very end, because it was just so damned confident. And even if 90% of it is crap, so’s 90% of everything. At least it’s suggesting innovation, and movement in new directions.

    And I have a strong suspicion that if you gave that 10-finger multitouch interface to a bunch of geeks, within a year you’d have 20 really clever, productive uses for it. (And probably half a dozen really sweet casual games. And 50 mediocre electric pianos.)

  2. I’m a step ahead of you… just filed the papers for ElectriPiano Corporation and bought electripiano.biz.

    Seems more like extrapolation than innovation to me, but it’s nice to see a distinct two-hand touch surface solve the ergonomic problem. Although it’d still be putting me in the keyboard position, which has given me the most forward-sloped shoulders one tailor has ever seen. Why not an input device that makes me more Lou Ferrigno-esque?

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